Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Puducherry gift to rest of India. It breaks an historical nexus

When I called on PM. And PM Instructed all concerned to fully support. We thank our PM..
My Blog on the historical SC order which caps the fees which can be charged by the Deemed Universities.-------------------------------------------------------------------

The RajNivas Secretariat intervened last year when no one in our political and departmental administration in Puducherry was willing to protect the interest of hapless but aspirational students. 
It’s a time in history of the UT when RajNivas had to stand by itself. 
Needy Students and their parents were seen running from pillar to post. 
The Open House at RajNivas brought forth the evidence of apathy. 
This is when Team RajNivas stepped in and take the bulls by the horns. 
It faced a huge hostile, back 
lash. (Media reports of that period are replete of this) 
The RajNivas Secretariat brought in GOI in the accountability right Upto the PMO. We wrote and went personally and explained the need for intervention to crush the prevailing mafia once and for all times. 
The MCI too realised it had to step in and supported us. They exposed the lies which were being told. ( evidence exists of this too). 

Meanwhile these efforts led to stepping in of a missionary and well placed lawyer in Chennai, Mr VBR Menon who took up the cause probono. 

Secretary to LG had to file a separate affidavit to support students in view of divergent views of our own administration who decided to wait and watch and did not even file an affidavit. (As it happened in the Court) 
All this was closely observed by the Chief Bench of the Madras High Court and commented. 
An interim judicial order led to capping of the fees to be charged by Deemed Medical Universities and need for a committee to fix their fees. 

We were defended by our ASGs at minimum cost. 
While the Medical mafia was by a battery of expensive lawyers. 
This powerful lobby took the matter to SC for a stay against the order of the HC, using its money and muscle clout. 
They have failed. Justice has won. 
This order is a final nail in the coffin of historical exploitation of a nexus which existed in exploiting the meritorious poor for decades not only in Puducherry but around the country. 
Not to forget CBI cases are still pending which also got registered on the complaints of the hapless parents associations. 
6+ Officers stand mentioned by name in its FIR. One of them lost his promotion 
This order is a culmination of determined fight against inherited injustice and prevailing mafia then. 
It remains broken now. 
The SC order not only does justice to Puducherry but to all other States if they choose to apply. 
The current changes in officialdom in Chief and Medical secretariat supported the break from the past in SC finally. 

Puducherry has changed. 
And is changing more with change of officers. 
Play your roles to the fullest. Clean up the systems. 
Remember every obstacle is an opportunity. 
Trophies are not won by spectators. 
Best wishes.