Friday, July 13, 2018

Meditation kept the Thai boys trapped in a cave astonishingly calm

July 10, 2018 by PAUL RATNER

The story of the Thai boys soccer team trapped in a cave for two weeks has captivated millions of people around the world. Lost since June 23rd, the group spent ten days without any contact with the outside world. It was finally discovered on July 2nd and rescued on July 10th.

It turned out that Ekapol Chanthawong, the 25-year-old coach of the 12-player Wild Boars soccer team, is a former Buddhist monk. He spent a decade living as a monk and is a practitioner of meditation. It is that skill that has been credited with keeping the boys calm during this ordeal. In fact, when the British divers discovered them after ten days, the group was meditating.

Aisha Wiboonrungrueng, the mother of the 11-year-old Chanin, who was trapped in the cave, thinks the coach’s background definitely helped in this situation. Watching the video of the moment the boys were found, she thought it was very noteworthy how calm they were.

“Look at how calm they were sitting there waiting,” she said. ”No one was crying or anything. It was astonishing.”

Leah Weiss, a Standford expert taught by the Dalai Lama, told CNBC that meditating played a key role in keeping the group alive. It’s a kind of mental training that improves focus and compassion, according to the expert.

“For Buddhists, meditation is a go-to when distressed or in danger,” Weiss said. “Cognitive resources that would otherwise be hijacked by the threat can be accessed once again, meaning that problem-solving capacities increase."

In particular, she pointed out that "given that insufficient air and food was a major issue for the trapped boys, meditation is actually a very practicalresponse to both of these concerns."

Meditation creates a calming effect by slowing down the heart rate, breathing and metabolism, said Weiss. It also lowers the levels of cortisol and oxygen utilization. A meditating person would also emit less carbon dioxide.

More details about how the boys got trapped in the cave in the first place are to be uncovered, but it looks to be a very dramatic real-world demonstration of the power of meditation. The incident confirms a steadily growing body of research that shows how meditation and mindfulness practices lead to lower stress levels, improved positivity, and creativity as well as clearer focus and protection from depression.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Its tragic to see many educational institutions callous towards water conservation needs.

Its tragic to see many educational institutions callous towards water conservation needs. Universities and colleges with large areas are only sucking out water without any anxiety on what it doing...
This is despite so much of awareness/appeals..
In fact educational institutions ought to have been in the forefront of sensitising young generations towards social needs which is as much their own survival..
What kind of youth are we mentoring as educationists?
What kind of teachers are we? Which is why today the poor have to suffer due to serious water pollution. Their water has been sucked out.
Some areas have become cancerous because of water contamination across the country.
At least the minimum duty we have is to conserve and save. And also generate it back? Learn to do so.
Public officials too must go on vigilance checks on a regular basis to identify such culprits and name and shame them. As nothing else seems to matter to them. They are selfish.
At least let us not add to a generation of youth which will be indifferent to other rights.
In the end they will be left with nothing for themselves too.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

As I felt this morning. Have a good day.

 As I felt this morning. Have a good day.

In Puducherry we are trying to change the way we have been working.
We are only making a small headway.
Not at the speed at which people need.
People are still complaining of garbage near by, a mosquito breeding pond, unclean and smelly water, public nuisance In the neighbourhood, delays in responding to their legitimate grievances, outdated skills, incorrect and unpaid bills, lack of data entry, lack of digitisation of records, absence of policies, and more.
Only recently we have removed all banners and now strictly enforcing it which is why all are complaining.
When all complain it means hopefully we are equal to all in law enforcement.
This is what it should be. When ALL complain it means we are being equally tough and not selective. We are not here to play favourites.
As Public officials our service gives us security in functioning. We must make that as our strength and perform without fear or favour.
If all department heads set themselves to improve their respective departmental performance even bit by bit every day Puducherry will be cleaner, neater, safer, more systematic, more organised, more law abiding in all respects including payments of their bills, and usage of Govt  services, respect its natural resources as responsible citizens.
We are here not for populism but performance. We are assessed in as performance appraisal not populism appraisal. Enforce the law for all for the good of all.
Wish to thank the officers in Municipalities the PWD, and the Ground Water Authority, Science and Technology, our Police Beat and Traffic regulation, Revenue Services for checking sand theft, power and property depts for getting after the defaulters by naming and shaming...
All for rising to the occasions in driving the small change. But it’s still not impacting enough to be called transformative.
The rural component needs to pick up. The land grabbing by vested interests must stop. Digital areas need attention. Speed of disposal needs a sense of urgency.
Policies need implementation...and more.
Best wishes.