Thursday, June 28, 2018

start working as a CREW in Puducherry....

When each department will start working as a CREW in Puducherry, the UT will be have enuf for all.
It shall be healthy, skilled, secure, water rich, financially sound, no more dependent on loans, pay all retirees their pension on time, pay provident funds on demand, clear past bills, banks capable of giving loans to the real needy, citizens pay their bills voluntarily while the CREW makes it easy for them to, have approved UPSC recruitment and promotion rules and not function on ad hoc basis.
No rowdies to land grab absentee French citizens properties, or of the weak, girls will complete their education and be skilled and earning, rural road sides free of strewn garbage and more.
Each department is a CREW.
Once we understand then alone will Puducherry be Prosperous for all not for a few in positions of privilege.
To be a CREW we do not need money or a project or centrally sponsored scheme from Govt of India or of a budgetary provision, we need to only work together and give our full attention to our responsibilities to serve...

Public service is service and service is to serve, not take.

Public service is service and service is to serve, not take.
Every moment in our public service is for others. Their needs and their welfare.
All decisions to be taken too for larger well being.
This is the standard touch stone.
If it passes the test we are in service.
Or else we are not serving but being selfish.
Service has to be above our own selves.
When we work from office or visit the field it is for enhancing the quality of life of people who are depending on us for decisions which promote welfare and prosperity. .
Public officials are in a unique position to do millions of good karma when they alleviate others suffering.
 By giving right decisions millions gain directly and indirectly.
Like good medical care, good teachers, Water and sanitation, law and order, integrity in financial management,sound polices,  as also courage to say No to vested interests.
Value your positions as public officials. It’s good karma for a whole life time.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Spot visits reveal the best without loss of Time

A three in one visit by Team RajNivas, with visible outcomes, for the good of Puducherry. 
1 visit to Kalapet Beach project. 
Shall keep it under the lens of regular review. 
2..Stringent Legal Action On K.V TEX for violation of Guidelines of Puducherry Planning Authority ( PPA) and Municipal Act and Rules. The business operation will be carried out subject to compliance of the EXTANT norms. (spot visit was made on the request of RWAs) Complaint found Primafacie genuine, in the presence of President Traders Association’s, Mr Shiv Shankar. 
3. Botanical Garden opened for walkers. Morning and evening. Excellent for locals and tourists..
4. And the open air theatre to be used to for creative performances by children and others.
Botanical garden now open to morning and evening walkers. 
Free of any ticketing. All 7 days. 6AM to 9 Am. And 5-7.

Inaugurated an empowering event.

Inaugurated an empowering event. Where Girls were being trained to be courageous & bold by the Puducherry Social Welfare Dept.
Survey conducted by an NGO revealed how girls feel restricted in their mobility because of incidents of being followed. Thereby lose out on economic and knowledge growth.
Also due to insecurities of parents are forced into early marriage. And also educate less due to dowry demands from the higher educated. 
Courses shall be held for boys, parents & teachers+others.
Trained girls will also be bold enough to report the Romeos.
And report to the police on 1031 in confidence.
All agencies will work together dealing with Child, Women, welfare, teachers sensitisation, university psychology dept, social work etc. FCC, women police etc.
Sec Welfare shall coordinate the training needs. And conduct regular surveys to understand ground realities.
Boys groups will be separately organised for them to listen to what girls have to say.
Boys groups as defenders too shall be formed, for them to understand the role they can play in improving the security scenario in Puducherry...
These training programs are being funded by GOI under Nirbhay’s fund.

Innovation comes by reflection

Innovation comes by reflection of what is. And the willingness to change for the better.
Also not to consume only but provide for now and invest in the future.
In Human Resources or material. Also environment.
Be it water saving or water generating, energy saving or energy generating.
Also preparing the youth for responsibility taking by grooming them on leadership and team building.
Puducherry Vision plan Document, department wise, for the decade ahead, must incorporate mission statement, policies, strategies and operating procedures or operating manual for training, continuity and sustainability with flexibility to keep evolving.
We have to reform the past, provide the present and prepare Puducherry for the future.
This is our destiny to make for a ‘Prosperous Puducherry’ for all.