Sunday, December 29, 2019

Completed three and half years today in Puducherry

Dear Puducherrians.

I complete three and half years today in Puducherry. This is my longest tenure at anyone posting in my public service starting as a lecturer in 1970.

And joining Indian Police Service in 1972.

I wish to thank the Government of India for giving me an opportunity to serve here.
I thank each and  every one of you for providing me an opportunity to learn and serve Puducherry with all its small regions.

I have been blessed to receive huge acceptance, respect and support from several sections of society, which I can and will continue to return by ensuring total dedication and integrity in my given responsibilities, without any expectations of appreciation or rewards.

I believe in the message of Lord Krishna.

“Your duty is do your KARMA with FAITH in ME’....
Wishing you all a Happy New Year  and Prosperous Puducherry, which is green, clean, healthy and safe.

Your friend in RajNivas/ People Nivas.