Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How to creative self in Aline not dependents

My tour to Karaikal is clearly revealing deficits in fulfilling our duties which if performed well will change societies and country for the better. 
It will eliminate suffering caused due to ignorance or neglect. I saw a disconnect between resources and persons in need. 
For instance even when NABARD loan is available at just 4.2% for rural poor, fisherwomen were taking loans from loan sharks at 46%. Which puts them in debt traps. 
All they need is regular communication. 
The challenge is how do we communicate our evolving policies to those for whom these are meant for. 
It's the visibility of public officials, appointed or elected touring constantly, explaining and inspiring to create self reliance. Not dependent. 
India has solutions. It needs caring grass root leadership. One which connects in a sustained way, all the way...always.