Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Secretariat decided to recall its financial powers under FR for Grant in aid.

The more we listen to officers and examine the requests for sanction for GIA ( Grant In Aid) files at the LG Secretariat the more it reveals how ‘ callously’ WE have been dealing with release and sanction of grants.
The Secretriat decided to recall its financial powers under FR for Grant in aid.
Erstwhile these files were not being put up to this office as a regular feature...( as records show)
In the past we have been releasing  moneys over the years without due precautions and scrutiny. As is evident so far. ( barring an exception)
Loss over loss was glossed over. Objections from auditors not complied with. And people entered for employment for salaries thru irregular means. And back doors.
Moneys sanctioned for specific purposes were breached and diverted to pay salaries.
Moneys were also released without the departmental policy to use these.
PSUs or Societies deviated from their core functions. And went into More and more of business without having core competences. Amassing huge losses and debts.
Leadership was both political and bureaucratic and both combined are responsible for this state of affairs over years.
Which is why Puducherry is reeling under a debt and not able to pay even its duly recruited employees in time.
It’s said no decision also is a decision.
This is what has been seen when no decisions were taken by combined leadership as a safe option.
It’s no more....
Every reequest for GIA is being closely examined and questions asked.
They are being made conditional to essential performance norms.
It’s a long haul.
It’s costing every bit of the energy at LG Secretariat to review. 
Yet it is limited. We are still at the tips of these icebergs.
This is to inform you it shall not be business/ appraisals as usual.
If a grant is given which is public money, people of Puducherry must get its returns with performance and without diversion.
The Incharge Secretary/ Head, now shall have to certify that objections have been met, no diversions have happened.
And no back door recruitment done.
Or else be prepared for the inevitable. It’s all about financial accountability from which none of us are immune.
Public servants must resist from being spectators and take responsibility for the administration they have chosen to be in. Or else files shall follow defaulters post retirement. As is already happening...
We shall share a list of observations once the first round of GIA is over. To educate and alert you.
If u want your pensions safe stop ignoring what is irregular.