Sunday, February 14, 2021

Field visit, it will fast forward transformation...


The more i go to the field visits the more i am convinced that if we all 

form a habit of starting the day with a field visit, it will fast forward transformation in indian administration and the way we serve. 

It’s a simple written order needed to be issued to all officers  by the governments at helm in India. 

We in Puducherry have done it. 

And officers  are visiting and evening reporting. 

But once its also from the central govt, dept of personnel, and reaffirmed in all trainings it shall sustain and then become a part of work culture nationally. 

Honble PM has been saying so several times in his speeches. 

My morning visit to Valrempate lake today. (Feb 14, 2021). 7 am. part of morning round 261, Reaffirmed this need. 

By going there i am informed the swatchta staff and the public works department worked over time to clean up the surroundings. 

But for the visit it would not have got  this attention. 

Going there gave it a fresh lease of life. 

We went there with interns and volunteers. 

The lake was in good shape. Flourishing aquatic life. 

The residents showed me the fish catch of good size and were so proud of it. 

The road side stalls run by women, were selling fried fish too with hot tea and coffee. They were doing business.

We went biking around it. By doing so we could cover the entire circumference of the lake. 

Areas which appeared to have been cleaned up in anticipation of this visit was visible. 

But for this visit the road around that portion of the lake may have remained blocked. 

While pedalling we stopped by to see the saplings of palm trees we had sown along the shoulders of the lake by hundreds of NSS Students and volunteers. 

They all had sprouted. And we could see the green shoots. 

Once all grow up the lake would have a skyline of tall palm trees. 

A win win situation for all. 

My gratitude to Puducherry for the experience it’s given me.