Thursday, August 24, 2017

Best way to express our love for our children.

Unless we care about the future of our children we will not be concerned about the quality of their schooling. 

We can always begin with what we have. By constantly upskilling our own teachers. We can create eco systems in neighbourhoods, academic institutions, community organisations,vocational training institutions, value education, sports places to be partners. There is no dearth of resources. Each needs the other. 

Missing link is coordinator-Key administrator. Key local leaders who brings/ allows all to come together. 
Let Puducherry/Univ students of all subjects and senior college students and credible NGOs join in school learnings as extra classes? We only have to thread them together. It's a win win situation. 

We all love our children. Let's express it by preparing them with educating them holistically through ecosystems. 
Principals and administrators be the HUB