Tuesday, November 05, 2019

A call to leadership.

A call to leadership.

We talk of rights and responsibilities.
The police officers have a legal responsibility to protect life and property and enforce respect for the law and lawful directions. They are trained to do.
Failing to protect is neglect, cowardice or complicity.
When Police men and women perform their duty fairly, firmly, fearlessly and responsibly, they need to be protected by their seniors.
More so when their actions are open to full enquiry ,always, which is why the police departments have exclusive departments of vigilance and departmental enquiries.
Hence it is the duty of the department itself to scrutinise their acts of omission and commision in a rigorous manner.
This is when the role of leadership comes. It is their duty to ensure no one is prejudged and humiliated for doing their bonafide duty.
Never drive men and women in uniform to the wall and let them lose faith in their own service and own seniors.
They must trust their seniors that while they do their duty they shall be defended, protected and heard before being judged.
Something of this kind cannot go amiss.
We the people will suffer in the long run if we weaken this responsibility.
People cannot have a diffident force.
We need a decisive force for all round protection. Crisis will come and go. It’s the way of the world.
All police acts can be categorised as Malafide or Bonafide. This is why disputed actions require urgent inquiry. But not premature humiliation in any form. It hurts them and self respect of their families. Most of all their children. Police leadership needs to be sensitive to this.
Such actions are the defining moments of police leadership...
As mine did in Jan 1988. We then did not have video virals.
Technology now speaks and provides evidence for and against.
There are Lessons to be learnt for all, from this incident yet again.
Key is are we willing?