Friday, November 30, 2018

Today’s news ( so far read the English editions. Others yet to read )

Today’s news ( so far read the English editions. Others yet to read )
is having the HCM rant on financial sanctions and policy approvals by the Administrator’s office.
The fact is Grants in Aid and policy approvals are governed by General Financial Rules and the business rules besides other legal provisions.
And observance of these is the responsibility of the Chief Secretary along with his Secretaries. See Rule 59 of the business Rules. (Chapter VI)
It says as follows.
“The Chief Secretary and the Secretary of the Dept Concerned are several responsible for the careful observance of these rules......”
Hence every time the HCM and the Secretariat sends a file to Administrator’s office for a sanction and approval he and they do so because the rules demand it to be sent.
So once a file is received in LG Secretariat it demands an independent examination by the Administrator.
That is what this approval or sanction implies.
The long prevailing problem lies in the fixed belief of the HCM that the Lt Governor is a mere rubber stamp to endorse what ever is proposed by him.
Then why send the file?
Keep a rubber stamp in your own office and just stamp it yourself.
On one hand HCM sends the file and the other hand he cries foul and complains when the decision is not in accordance with his wishes.
One cannot send files with a pre expected decision.
Regrettably the HCM expects mere endorsements and not independent application of mind. And a decision which suits him even if it is in violation of financial or administrative rules.
This why the Lt Governor of Puducherry is also termed as an Administrator also.
I feel sorry for HCM that he continues to expect something which is not legally and morally correct.
Also what  is not in the short and long term interest of Puducherry.