Sunday, April 05, 2020

False Accusations of Blocking Rice Schemes during Co-Vid19

I have been informed that there is a news trending in local media that LG had blocked rice to COVID affected people of UT, on the basis of LG’s speech in Governor’s conference.

I wish to affirm that it is factually incorrect. 

Some vested interests have their own personal reasons for doing so. 
Instead, I had pleaded to the Govt of India for a direct transfer of money (DBT) to COVID affected populations so that people could buy groceries directly. Which is Rice and other food items as and when they want and need. As supplies are being ensured by the dept of civil supplies and the traders working together. 

It is for information. 

However Government of India has asked UTs to distribute rice and pulse to BPL families (Below Poverty Line) as COVID assistance. 
The Administration is working on a strategy to distribute rice and pulse in a fair and transparent method, maintaining social distancing and with minimal involvement of field staff. 

The Chief Secretray and Secretary (Civil Supplies) are working out a Standard Operating Procedure and shall be put in place as soon as the Government of UT finalises it.

Dr Kiran Bedi 
Lieutenant Governor, Puducherry