Monday, April 16, 2018

Girls security demands drastic sustained action

Continued assaults on vulnerable girl child, abuse of powerful positions by perverse/starved men may not go away. India is 1.3 billion. We have a looming constituency of such like...
But what must go away and addressed is the causative-criminal behaviour of these potential criminals/and brutes who are overpowered by their lust..
We have to get to the root and branch. 
The root and branches are their homes.Their own Parents, family, communities and their teachers.
The root and branch is also the politico-criminal justice system visibly led by police and political reps at those vulnerable places. 
They are the real preventers and detectors. The real failure is here. 
Every home, family, school, educational institute, community leader, law enforcer has to repeatedly assert the message that women are for equal respect and not assault. 
We have come to a stage of demanding: 
Beti Bachao—Beta Samjhao. 
We have to recreate, create and renew this assertion perhaps for long time still to cleanse the past and the present till the mind sets change. 
And say 
Beti-Beta- ek Samman. 
Media too must also show responsible restraint from using the medium as a repeated biology class. 
It be best left to teachers to rationally explain in a science class room..