Wednesday, May 01, 2019

An Open Letter for Puducherrians.

Reference the news reports in the papers today on the subject concerned.

Here is an enumeration of the following actions or initiatives (or ‘interference’ in day to day administration) by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office in the last three years (nearing completion on May 29th).

Beginning with cleaning of beaches , streets, drains and canals. Rewarding Swachhata workers, Municipal and PWD workers and Volunteers for their cleaning and maintaining the same.

Encouraging and promoting the habit of cycling amongst the youth. Inspiring and encouraging volunteerism.

Responding to all public grievances reaching Raj Nivas through open house or otherwise.

*Opening up of RajNivas to the general public or visitors who were keen to see 250 years old Majestic RajNivas.

*Guidance to Dept of Power and Municipalities and others on recovery of pending financial loans and arrears by name and shame and improve technology and internal management with the help of Secretary Power.

Seeking judicial intervention for dealing with errant private medical colleges extorting exorbitant fees from poor aspirants for medical seats and fighting long drawn legal battles to provide permanent relief with the help of strong support of Mr Sridhar, Private Secretary most very knowledgable about legal processes.

*Increasing vigilance on the land grab mafia. Providing relief to vulnerable citizens, senior and French nationals with the help of Collector.

*Promoting and advocating the use of helmet wearing as a measure of road safety. ( to not much avail still)

*Facilitating the improvement in water table through a movement of Water Rich Puducherry through CSR in desilting.
Also cleaning of the urban drains to avoid flooding of the city with sound support of all departments of the government of Puducherry.

*Using incognito road safety and night round to check on women safety.

*Mentoring of officers for improved administration by practical training and self study. With able assistance of my own Secretariat.

*Promoting and propagating the value of  field work for improved direct public connectivity and sensitivity in expeditious resolution of public grievances led by Team RajNivas.

*Promoting the need for sustained quality communication internally within one’s own department and externally with people for better administration. To provide to speed  and inclusivity in administration.

*Installing collaborative measures by greater use of technology by HODs (inter and intra) with the help of National Informatics  Centre.

*Putting in place control and close monitoring to be accessible 24x7 for any any one. Through close monitoring of the Control Room system by a Chief Grievances Officer Of the rank of Superintendent Police.

*Striving towards appointments on merit cum seniority. Also expediting long pending disciplinary service matters or rules formation or clearing back log of promotions. Putting a halt to back door entries ably assisted by the Secretariat.

*Taking all possible measures of Financial prudence to save Puducherry from falling in a debt trap. And that the administration observes financial discipline in managing its over 7500 Crore Budget for its 14 Lakh population by strictly following General Financial Rules as approved by President Of India. Ably assisted by the Chief Secretary and the Finance Secretary.

*Taking the responsibility of Countering misinformation in public domain for people to make better informed choices with the help of PRO and RajNivas.

*Ensuring Raj Nivas maintains a methodical documentation, publications and proper use modern tools of communications with the help of Creative Team at RajNivas.

*Seeking the replacement of the former Chief Secretary by an officer of highest integrity with sound professional skills.
Thanks to the Government Of India.

*Giving people the right to information of files being cleared by Lieutenant Governor’s officer every week by the OSD , Mr Theva Neethi Dhas.

*Observing Public Celebrations ans Leadership series through invited speakers at RajNivas inviting all sections of society, age groups and faiths.
Ably assisted by Comptroller RajNjvas.

*Grooming interns for exposure to administration and inspiring them for ethical leadership.

*Most of all connecting Raj Nivas to the people of Puducherry and making it accessible in all respects including a monthly message on DoorDarshan Jointly with OSD for translating in Tamil.

*Promoting Puducherry as a very hospitable and clean destination for over 14 Lakh Tourists visiting Every year.

*Last but not the least, inspiring officers to be self-driven and the public to become more responsible towards citizens duty.

These practices and more  if sustained will keep Puducherry a favoured destination for all round prosperity of Puducherry.
It does not matter who does. And how much. Key is that we do and the needs are met. Ideally all work together to give people holistic good administration. 

People have to be served. Their needs cannot cannot wait.
With best wishes.
Yours Sincerely
     Kiran Bedi.               May 1. 2019.