Sunday, December 16, 2018

Our 211th Weekend Morning Round

Today on our 211th Weekend Morning Round, as part of our Mission Water Rich Puducherry, we revisited areas which were earlier bone dry, to check their status and the difference in water table. (Tsunami Quarters, Pondicherry University & Pondicherry Engineering College located in Kalapet area)

It was observed that there is an increase of about 4 mtrs in the level from 27 Mtr deep to now hover at about 23 Mtrs deep.
Likely to show more improvement with water flow to come towards the direction.
To sustain the momentum of Water - Rejuvenation, following key points were made for further follow up.
- To Caliberate the Ground Water table area wise, for specific area policies.
- Agriculture department + Public Works + Local Bodies to work together. As consumers and providers of water
- To encourage incentive based change of cropping pattern by farmers to ensure water availability round the year.
- To encourage use of recycled surface water instead of ground water for cooling and vegetation.
- To have an Inter state Co-ordination to reduce drawal of ground water by water industries situated in TN at border areas
- Percolation ponds created in Tsunami Quarters under CSR by Shasun Strides was seen. To be expanded.
- Pondicherry Engineering college to establish Water Treatment Plant & create 9 more Rain Harvesting structures and roof top harvesting.
- Asked the Engineering College and Pondicherry university to involve students in creating water pits or get in the alumni to support to save scarce government resources.
- And more.
- See pictures of the difference made.
Before and after. 👆👆