Sunday, March 18, 2018

Leadership Nugget.

In Puducherry we need a constituency wise list of issues which are impacting the day to day life of people.
Such as Water, Sanitation, education, security, roads, food, skills, communications, health, environment etc.
People’s groups must be formed to work on these for collective help.
Each elected reps must be asked to focus on this by working together collaboratively with residents of his/her constituency.
The performance of the elected rep ought to me the measure of the extent of fulfilling these needs first.
Not other extraneous issues.
Time is precious. Why wait. Why not work together with what we have to begin with. 
A performance appraisal of the elected representative can be made as per the needs of each area.
If People of Puducherry have to served well we need to give them a reasonable quality of life by working together and pooling our resources by combined energy.
We need to focus on serving people with whatever we have. And then see how can we generate more from where?