Sunday, March 18, 2018

Leadership Nugget.

In Puducherry we need a constituency wise list of issues which are impacting the day to day life of people.
Such as Water, Sanitation, education, security, roads, food, skills, communications, health, environment etc.
People’s groups must be formed to work on these for collective help.
Each elected reps must be asked to focus on this by working together collaboratively with residents of his/her constituency.
The performance of the elected rep ought to me the measure of the extent of fulfilling these needs first.
Not other extraneous issues.
Time is precious. Why wait. Why not work together with what we have to begin with. 
A performance appraisal of the elected representative can be made as per the needs of each area.
If People of Puducherry have to served well we need to give them a reasonable quality of life by working together and pooling our resources by combined energy.
We need to focus on serving people with whatever we have. And then see how can we generate more from where?

Monday, March 12, 2018

Seniors cannot escape responsibility ...

Surprise inspection and visit to Puducherry coopt bank yesterday revealed yet again some of us in senior supervisory positions are not being effective in checking the decline in institutions under our watch, due to which these are either poorly performing or going sick. 

This is costly on financial health of Puducherry. Besides presenting a feeling of weak governance as a government. 

We as senior officers are expected to be fully aware of issues and ensure early intervention and correction. 
This is our role and responsibility. 
Extraneous interference can never be ruled out but it is the job of the senior leadership to be the buffer and block what is not in the interest of good health of the organisation being their responsibility. 
Protection of the what is right and prevent the wrong is our primary duty. 
Also regular visits to your places of responsibility by surprise and planned are essential to keep personnel on their toes. 
Also to be a provider of their training and other resource needs. 
Such surprise inspections are absolutely essential part of our supervisory roles. 
Observations from these inspections may have to get appended to annual appraisals to present a realistic performance for truthful assessment. 
This is for your information..
This message is also be conveyed formally. 
** A Vigilance enquiry on the state of affairs of the coop bank shall be underway both for accountability and lessons to be learnt.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Attended today the 6Th Edition Of ThinkEdu Conclave organised by the New Indian Express at Chennai.

Attended today the 6Th Edition Of ThinkEdu Conclave organised by the New Indian Express at Chennai.
The Honorable Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Mr Javadekar addressed the audience and shared a very comprehensive plan for better education at all levels in the immediate future—A change from the current ‘Aanna Khannaa and Jannaa ‘ ( coming, eating and going)..
Once the plans are implemented the country will see much better educated youth. The RTE will be amended to bring back the examination at fifth and eight grades. He also talked about autonomy and substantial support to educational institutions of credit. He said the direction of Honorable PM is ‘Sabko Shiksha-Achhi Shiksha’
( Quality Education for All).
I too was a panellist to speak at the Conclave.
I wish to share what I said as this is relevant for Puducherry as I see it today.
Here is what I said.
“Based on my school visits, while the GOI plans will have a gestation period, current students of class 10, 11 and 12 in Puducherry need a RESCUE plan.
Which means most of the students of rural Government and private schools may need to be assessed on their aspirational needs.
We need to link them with a vocational skill immediately after their class exams are over.
Their respective school principals can be asked to find out from the boys and girls the trade they will like to learn. Then a plan can be drawn to link them with nearby training facility. Of a polytechnic school or an industry to learn as interns or apprentices.
After the March exams our Schools could serve as Polytechnics for our Youth. Teachers could be oriented for it.
Also we must do a survey to know what happened to last year’s batch. How many went into higher education and how many got self  employed, or how many are still unemployed? And what are their preferred trades they will like to learn to be self employed.
We could also link them with MUDRA scheme for entrepreneurs bank loans.
I have already briefed Honble Minister for Education, Mr Kamlakanan and requested Secretary Education, Mr Anabarsu  to make a RESCUE PLAN.
The Secretary education has already been assured by GOI for need based Support in Skills Development.
For our this year’s passing our students.
We have to ensure our youth becomes employable. And thereafter too.

Monday, January 08, 2018

A mentoring note.

A mentoring note.

This is essential to know how do we career guide our boys and girls of Govt schools of standard nine above.
Immed the ones in 10-12. Class.
They have very high aspirations. And must be guided. If frustration is to be prevented.
It’s is the duty of all leadership levels political and education and administrative and social to have a combined plan to deal with this situation.
Early skill development linkages from 10 th and 9 the class is one the options. So that they have a skill to go to.
They earn and study further too. Be it open Universities or colleges. They must get guided.
We must not lose time.
Most of those we have interacted with are first generation learners in their families.
Hence it is the duty of the social and administration leaders to step in and have a proper linkage plan for this youth.
We need to be worried for them.
I will like to see a practical skills linked plan in place without delay.
We are not to lose any more time. It is their life at stake.  Kiran Bedi.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

New Skill will growth in digital eco...

Which is why constant training is important to match people's needs.
And govt officials to be ahead of the curve.

Ask each employee to declare what is that one thing they will do better.
And what is that one thing they will upskill or learn anew. ( Self Help)
This way we will add 30 Thousand new skills and 30 Thousand improved responses.
This does not exclude Departmental training programs which u must organise alongside.
Let us do it this year. And make it a annual habit.

All departments. All units big or small.
Let the Secretaries and HODs lead this.
I propose to visit your respective departments during the month of Jan. As already shared in the annual wrap up meeting.

I shall ask this question from all I will meet.
Let the annual evaluation be based on the fulfilment of that commitment as well.
Kindly read and communicate this message to all ranks..Every one matters.
I repeat I WILL check if employees were informed of this suggestion.
Will do a feedback how many knew.

Which means as leaders you will meet and convey...
Will declare Dept wise after the visits, the quality and extent to which this message was communicated by you all. How many really understood the purpose and how did think  this through.

Friday, December 29, 2017


Look Back—How LG Office brought in Social Network to its best. Here is a summary prepared by Dr. Amrita Bahl, OSD to LG, who leads the team.


Sensing the importance of social media in communication today and as per the Social Media policy of the Government of India, a Social Media Cell was set up in the last week of May 2016, with the aim to provide a platform for citizen engagement in all areas of administration.


Starting with a presence on *Twitter* and *Facebook*, both platforms have seen an organic growth to 23,760 and 53,515 followers, respectively. Raj Nivas' presence on different Social media platforms was initiated in subsequent month. Today, Raj Nivas is on the following Social Networking platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, and website. All digital platforms serve to promote citizen engagement, especially for ideas, Grievance Redressal.


An exclusive WhatsApp number (9500560001) was released for the public to send grievances to. As on date, 1723 messages have been received from different Social networking platforms, the majority directly on WhatsApp. In addition, WhatsApp groups to address specific purposes have been created. These comprise of sets of officials as members who are informed of grievances and also to increase accountability and speedier redressal of grievances. Some groups are exclusively for sharing best practices from other regions, states or countries, press releases, notes, etc. so as to keep officers informed on the latest. 


On *YouTube*, the official channel has featured around 113 videos of which 13 films were produced under the *Raj Nivas Productions* banner. These videos range from Tamil versions on Digital Transactions to short films on Swachh Puducherry to speeches of the Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor and other eminent speakers. The channel has had over 150,671 views.


The official Raj Nivas *website* was revamped to be more user friendly and has sign up features for Shramdaan, Share Your Ideas, Swachh Puducherry, Raj Nivas Tour, etc all with the aim to actively engage with citizens and tourists. It also features a link to the Public Grievance Portal of the Lieutenant Governor's Secretariat

Some other initiatives introduced include regular updates to the Raj Nivas *Wikipedia* page, creation of a page on Kizhoor to capture the history, blogs on Tumblr, tweets and posts in Tamil. 

Content on official Social Media handles is dovetailed with the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor's personal Social Media handles, which have a cumulative followership of over 12 million people.


In addition to developing graphics for social media platforms, the Media team is also responsible for documentation of activities at Raj Nivas. This includes audio visual documentation of Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor’s speeches, Monthly Messages to Public and Officers of the Government, Weekend Morning Rounds, Visits, Inspections, and Team Raj Nivas’ efforts to connect with the public. In addition, three documents have been prepared and published. These are Team Raj Nivas Work Book, The 100 Rounds photobook, and Reviving Hope: Stories of Change.


In its efforts to build Social Capital, Raj Nivas goes beyond digital Social Networking and welcomes visitors who came by prior appointment between 4pm and 5pm daily where achievers and experts from across the globe call on the Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor and offer their services towards a *Prosperous Puducherry*. This year saw 483 such meetings where 1528 people visited during this appointment hour. Of these nearly 40 offered to help through their Corporate Social Responsibility wings that has translated to 266 initiatives. Several people came to invite the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor to a variety of events. Of the over 681 invitations received from different sources, 84 were honored by the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, leading to a cumulative engagement with nearly 253700 people.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How RajNivas became a People Nivas in 2017..

Looking Back.
How did RajNivas become a People Nivas in the year 2017? A Sum Up...

Raj Nivas opened its closed 'silver iron gates' and engaged with all sections of society through out the year with young or old, rural or urban, local or outside, Indian or foreign, rich or marginalised, through various initiatives. Such as..
Once a month, on Saturday evenings, the sprawling front lawns of Raj Nivas were converted into an open-air theater where children, parents and teachers assembled to watch films. 
As part of this _*Raj Nivas Film Series,*_ 3439 Through 9 Films Screened based on by values of leadership, management, patriotism, character. 
 From Films to Raj Nivas *Lecture Series. Team RajNivas engaged with 1745 citizens on Thought Leadership through a series of interactive sessions by 9 eminent speakers from various fields. This series was launched with the K.R. Malkani Memorial Lecture.
The _*Visitors’ Hour*_ provided an opportunity for a guided tour through Raj Nivas and a meeting with Hon'ble Lt. Governor. Technology enabled an online registration on the website and 112 groups of 2012 visitors visited this heritage building. Pictures of visiting groups are posted on the RajNivas website. 
8450 persons over 26  *Celebrations* participated in Inter-Faith prayers, Iftar, Diwali, Christmas,etc. with the same spirit of harmony. 
The organic vegetable patch, *Vegetarian cuisine policy and Yoga Mornings_* on 21 Sundays at Raj Nivas spread a message of healthy practices.
The Durbar, Banquet, Lawn spaces of Raj Nivas hitherto formal Meeting–dining areas, are now  *Optimally Utilised* as  platforms for intellectual interactions with citizens across a spectrum- Public Officials, NGOs, Youth and Seniors. Trainings included sessions on Domestic Violence, Digital Transactions, etc.
To foster an exchange of information and ideas among individuals and groups that share common interest, Raj Nivas organised 23  *Networking* Sessions with 3952 citizens such as like minded philanthropists, business forums, etc.
 *Multi tasking of Resources* is now a regular feature in the Raj Nivas. Interns benefitted by this experiential learning platform as well as added strength to the various inititiatives of Team Raj Nivas. 
There is an emphasis on training and raising the capacities of human resources.
 *Transfer of every gift received collectively or individually by Team RajNivas be it / flowers/shawls/ Sweets/ books/ artefacts/ and more,received stand transferred to NGOs and Visitors. 
The *Raj Nivas Outreach* programme aimed  to collaborate resources towards Swachh initiatives, revitalization of water bodies as well as rural schools. Hundreds of NCC, NSS and others volunteers swarmed in for morning bike rallies. 
The *Inmate Reformation Programme at Central Prison, Kalapet focused on crime prevention through their reintegration by providing skills training through NGOs coopted through above visitations. 
Raj Nivas *supported*  Thimmanaicken Palayam in the Manaveli assembly constituency in Puducherry with a vision to empower the villagers to become self reliant. Since December 2016, 232 generated CSR activities have been carried out successfully.
On *The Way Ahead* is a synergy of  resources to support Rural Schools, Foster Youth Leadership and Revitalise Water Bodies .
Raj Nivas to Peoples' a journey  that has created Assured Accessibility, Experiences and Impact within parameters of security and financial prudence. 
Objective being that every citizen must feel a right to Its own..People Nivas/ for Justice as well as Celebrations-All ages all sections of society. 
Jai Hind.