Thursday, March 22, 2018

For making Puducherry Rich in Water.

“Stop running away from your problems because that only increases the distance from the solution. Make it right today, tomorrow is too late”....

Yesterday the GOP came together coopting all stake holders to address the serious problem of falling water table in Puducherry. 

It synergy worked. 

We have together infused life and pur in place a collaborative system implementation system for our WaterPolicy and made it even more inclusive. 
We together identified all visible impediments to its holistic execution and the role of social audit and its participation. 
Our Own DC with his CE shall internally review on a monthly basis the implementation and progress. 
The CS will closely oversee it as he declared while announcing the formation of this collaborative mechanism under the leadership of MR Anabarsu. 
The Honorable Ministers will fully strengthen the efforts of the officials in vexed issues of Water managment. 
Team RajNivas will continue its field checks and remain a link amongst all stake holders. 
And review progress in its monthly policy implementation reviews to promote coordination.
Specific suggestions which were put forward from Political leadership and citizenry as compiled by the rapporteur ( Sridhar) shall be circulated before the end of the day. 
Have a good day. 

Thank u all for this colossal event and for your presence and contributions. 
We are here to make Puducherry Rich in Water.