Monday, March 12, 2018

Seniors cannot escape responsibility ...

Surprise inspection and visit to Puducherry coopt bank yesterday revealed yet again some of us in senior supervisory positions are not being effective in checking the decline in institutions under our watch, due to which these are either poorly performing or going sick. 

This is costly on financial health of Puducherry. Besides presenting a feeling of weak governance as a government. 

We as senior officers are expected to be fully aware of issues and ensure early intervention and correction. 
This is our role and responsibility. 
Extraneous interference can never be ruled out but it is the job of the senior leadership to be the buffer and block what is not in the interest of good health of the organisation being their responsibility. 
Protection of the what is right and prevent the wrong is our primary duty. 
Also regular visits to your places of responsibility by surprise and planned are essential to keep personnel on their toes. 
Also to be a provider of their training and other resource needs. 
Such surprise inspections are absolutely essential part of our supervisory roles. 
Observations from these inspections may have to get appended to annual appraisals to present a realistic performance for truthful assessment. 
This is for your information..
This message is also be conveyed formally. 
** A Vigilance enquiry on the state of affairs of the coop bank shall be underway both for accountability and lessons to be learnt.