Thursday, December 21, 2017

We shall set the practice and seed the culture of close collaboration and accountability.

We must create a whole new work culture for implementing Smart city Project.
Anyone in this project must be sworn to integrity and love of service.
There be no overruns so that projects complete in time and not left half way due to shortage of funds caused by cost escalation.

People must be kept in the loop.
A transparent bulletin on progress of Smart City projects and work in hand be always available in the media and on our social networks for people to know what is happening. They must keep a watch. It's their property.

A people's network for Smart city watch must come together comprising of knowledgable NGOs and individuals who collaborate and regularly interact with the Government for the good of the people. (This project MUST be scam free) it must create independent audit systems open to public scrutiny.
Alongside urban improvement villages must be invested in by self governance by holding early panchayat elections for grass root democracy and development so  that Puducherry as a whole becomes Smart.

A UT Which is clean, safe, growth oriented and youth full of skills and involvement. By employment generation, internships and volunteerism.
The leadership which leads the projects must be a committed one.
With new leadership in bureaucracy this can be achieved.

Let Puducherry become an acclaimed Smart City amongst all in achieving this--by beginning right.
It has begun by winning the best Logo Award. Now we must move on to best implementation award.
The RajNivas will hold fortnightly reviews of the progress in Smart City every fortnight as a duty. It starts from New Year.
We shall set the practice and seed the culture of close collaboration and accountability..  Kiran Bedi.