Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The essential three bones for success

Applying it to Public services these three bones mean, as I believe..
A 'WishBone'
Means wishbone for the Purpose of the service as a priority not a a happening. 
All Other wishes follow.  
But key is never lost sight of. 
A 'BackBone'..
 means courage to serve and stand up to adversity and never deviate from the purpose of service as wished by the wishbone. Conflict and odds come from several directions. Internal, external as well unknown factors. 
The 'FunnyBone'..
is how one moves on with a positive attitude to move on regardless. In this, family, friends and personal Attitude plays a contributing role in keeping the funny bone to laugh off the twists and turns. 
Change is the law...
All three bones, 'wishbone' 'backbone' and  'funny bone' need to be kept intact.