Monday, November 20, 2017

Dependence to self reliance for New India.

In response to news items being reported in papers last few days. 
My reading for long term benefit of rural or urban poor in Puducherry is as follows. 
I pray they understand this. As it is for their long term good. 
I wish I knew Tamil to explain to them directly. 
But it is this which they need to understand most. For their long term benefit. 
The biggest welfare scheme the people of Puducherry need is promotion and practice of 
'Self Reliance'.
This means gradually a shift from dependence on basic minimums, to being self-skilled and healthy to generate for themselves to be Self Reliant.
It's the duty of the government of the day to provide and link them with easy access to assured health services, skills development centres, micro credit for starting small entrepreneurship. 
This is abundantly available for rural and urban areas from NABARD and GOI Centrally Sponsored Schemes. These are currently being under utilised. 
Having an elected Panchayat as mandated by the Constitution and financially resourced is what Puducherry people need the most. (Panchayati Elections have been held for over a decade). 
They need to self govern their villages and localities. 
This is what people ought to demand of their political masters, but are not being made aware of unfortunately. 
This is what will empower them in the long run. And make them self reliant. 
Had I known how to speak in Tamil I would have explained to them their rights directly...I have no doubt they would have understood my concern for them.