Thursday, November 16, 2017

It takes one person in the right position to make the different

The Chief Secretary had his first weekly briefing at RajNivas.
All important issues were flagged for him which will lead Puducherry towards all round development and prosperity.  
All gains of the past will be sustained and taken forward. Right application of laws and rules will be the norm. Financial prudence will be strictly adhered to. 
Human resource managment will be practiced and their potential realised to the maximum. 
Now it's up to the people of Puducherry to fully realise this opportunity and bring to the notice of the New Chief Secretary issues which need attention.
One thing which is set to be history is, overlooking of any irregularity in admissions,recruitments, appointments or expenditures, etc. 
Integrity in public service shall be the rule. 
 Let us all now play our roles as Puducherrians --India First.