Thursday, December 21, 2017

festival season and new year party revellers evade entertainment tax.

Information is flowing in that due to vested interests interference festival season and new year  party revellers evade entertainment tax. 
Which causes serious loss of revenue to municipalities so short of revenue.
This year people will be encouraged to report on a whatsapp no in media and names of info givers will be kept confidential of any evasion.
Tough action will be taken against evaders.
We are also deploying decoys from citizen groups/ volunteers to detect entertainment tax evasion this year.
Hence all are requested to follow the law.
Secretary LAD is requested to immediately gear up municipalities staff and squads to detect.
Police too will help.
Any interference from any vested interest will be made public..
Action LAD Sec, Director LAD and both MCs. Pl issue an enforcement order of if not issued already.
And share it on whatsapp.
Which officer is responsible for which area.
And in the end of season declare who collected how much.
Area responsibility be fixed.
And arrangements be made by name.
This enforcement shall be under the over oversight of Sec LAD. Take the help of any Dept which secr LAD may need including the police.    Kiran bedi.