Thursday, December 21, 2017

I welcome this new team now.

Puducherry Administration is now blessed with two totally honest and professionally sound, IAS officers, namely Ashwini Kumar the Chief Secretary and Anbaras.
Orders have been issued for Anbaras who gets to over see PWD, Education, Agriculture and Personnel and even Fire Services.

One the Chief Secretary and the other now Development Commissioner.
Their approach to work is different from the past I have seen in the last 18 months.
They are both most respectful of rules and highly sensitive to people's grievances and needs.
They are officers who will live  by example rather than by orders.
Both have come with great reputation and work experience.
The kind of officers Puducherry needed in such sensitive position.

Puducherry is most fortunate in having them at this juncture when we are on the Smart City list and will receive substantial funds in this regards.
Hence keeping Puducherry corruption free, loss/diversion of funds and from irregular appointments etc etc.

I wish them both all the very best. May they succeed now in serving Puducherry. May they bring in good financial health, development and prosperity.
I have no doubt that they will expeditiously identify corrections needed in each department and forge a sense of urgency in improving matters all round in Puducherry for a better present and secure future.

I welcome this new team now.
And consider them as a blessing for Puducherry before the onset of festival season here.