Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A look Back at the year going by in Puducherry

A Look Back. 
The year 2017 in Puducherry for RajNivas was one of trials and tribulations.

Yet the Lt Governor's office went on perseveringly to address people's needs.  It did not weaken in its resolve. 
On the contrary it strengthened its determination to connect with the common man more. 
Every single day it made the effort to rise above and keep up and energise the effort to coopt and collaborate with all available resources from all directions across ranks and communities. 

Raj Nivas stood firm in ensuring people are served and financial managment remains under close watch. 
Corruption was the main target and any complaint, against whom so ever, if based on credible evidence, was dealt with firmly. Which is how irregularities in medical seats got brutally exposed and is now on its correction course for forever. Matter is before judicial system and will take its own course. Time will tell, as matters are under CBI investigation. 

RajNivas became a People Nivas during the year through various measures adopted. Such as regular Open House for all forms of grievances, field checks of issues pending for long time through 127 early morning weekend rounds, all year around. ( not a single weekend missed if not on tour) 
We dealt with every grievance through in-house Grievance redressal system, be it received by emails, whatsapp, or control rooms. All complaints were got addressed. RajNivas sought reports only where necessary. Most of the matters were dealt with by connecting the petitioner with the officer concerned with a request that the person be heard and matter decided on merits. In stubborn or complex cases file was asked for to examine and guide. 
Lok Adalat and female counsellor services for dealing with Crimes against women was a big support in grievance redressal. 

Eminent Visitors, Speakers and school children visited RajNivas in hundreds on different public occasions and events making it into a People Nivas

We now widely circulate and post information on RajNivas website about matters disposed off during the week for any one to know if there is any matter pending with LG's office. Or if decided, know the outcome thereof. 
This empowers people and checks spread of misinformation. 
The year ahead 2018, appears to be heading towards harmonious and more credible work due to change in bureaucratic leadership at the top. 

The 2018 plan is under formulation as each department prioritises and plans areas for attention. Once oncourse it shall run full steam. First such meeting is today. 

I now urge the people of Puducherry to take a few responsibilities on themselves to make Puducherry cleaner, healthier, safer, orderly and economically more productive. This will hasten all round progress. 
The RajNivas thanks all the people of Puducherry for the enormous support, trust, respect and love they extended to us all year round. 
We shall continue to do our utmost to make Puducherry an attractive UT in the country. This be a common resolve.
Wishing you all a prosperous new year. 
Jai Hind.