Sunday, July 16, 2017

When leadership can act as deterrence... against corruption in jails.

So much being exposed about corruption in jails. It's bound to be there wherever there is no transparency in its living and oversight.

Any leadership which wants to check corruption will ensure the following.

1 optimum use of technology. Install cameras all over and save recordings of it to be viewed and stored as evidence.
No one escape the eye of the camera.

2. Visit the Prisons regularly, personally.
3. Install feedback systems which protect whistle blowers.
4. And take need based action on feedback.
5. Bring in spirituality training in prisons not only for prisoners but staff too.
6. None of the above needs more budgets.
7. We can begin with what we have.                   
8. Try these few measures to begin with.
9. Key is, does the leadership want integrity???