Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How do we provide an environment for CVOs to go after sharks rather than small fish only

It's not the selection only that is critical but who does the CVO report to. If as CVO he/she is also a CS and reports to CM is conflict of interest.

To ensure independence and higher accountability of the CVO the officer is not only to be clean but also clear of his own conduct and also clear of reporting pressures from his next senior. It's the annual appraisal from the next senior which inhibits exposures.

Which is why CVOs are seen more going after small fish not the sharks..When info of sharks and crocodiles is in public domain. These insecure CVOs go after rats and mosquitoes..Infact such placed CVOs are seen to be afraid of even an inquiry if it is concerning their own boss/es. Hence we need to carefully examine who do they report to and what independence of reporting the CVOs have.

My suggestion would be that CVO work ought not be combined with any other to avoid more supervisors. And they must report to CVC. This is what will bring the much needed respect and fear required in administration today.