Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Who says Heavens are far? Made greener by Rain God's. Enjoy

Never realised that being a Functional Governor and being People Sensitive would cause so much of distress to some?

--Going by what has appeared in the papers today in Puducherry.
I am in Delhi today on the invitation of our Honorable President bidding farewell to all Governors and Lt Governors and Administrators.

It's so evident that going along with status quo is more acceptable to some.
And changing things for the better is disturbing.
Which is why many choose a safe route of No Change. Play safe. And let people suffer in so many ways.

I have seen this in al my life so far.
But I have believed in solutions for the benefit of people who we are meant for.
Hence none of this comes as a surprise to me.
I am for a duty to be done and will keep doing as per the laws and the rules.
The Judiciary is the final arbiter. We can always go to it. Let truth prevail.
I shall be back in Puducherry to resume my duties day just after another day.

Kiran Bedi.