Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This Criminal Negligence has impacted the whole of Puducherry.

The outlying UT of Puducherry needs a close watch by GOI and central agencies on its administrative & financial performance with integrity, accountability and transparency.
With expected surge of finances due to Smart city and several other Infra developments in the pipeline the UT despite its geographical distance and away from capital media gaze, must be kept under close scrutiny.

CAG at the end of the year when money is lost and damage done is not enough. It has not served the real purpose. Officers retired and politicians gone in many cases.
GOI must do active mid year reviews and social audits and correct early before damage is done.
Officers too need to be rotated to check in-breeding and over familiarisation with vested interests.
We have to save Puducherry from all forms of exploitation to protect its people.
Most of all encourage opportunities for next generation of leadership thru Panchayat elections and rural as fresh leadership to emerge.

Puducherry needs courageous activism in ensuring administrative performance and financial integrity.

Also in using its limited resources optimally, skill and upskill, while protecting its pristine natural and spiritual heritage.

Time for integrity and missionary activism.

#SavePuducherry from vested interests.

Above criminal and administrative negligence has caused huge pain and disillusionment amongst people of Puducherry.

To prevent these from reoccurring we need to put in place systems of prevention, watch, inquiry, investigation, justice and fear of being caught and exposed.
Kiran Bedi.