Thursday, June 15, 2017

An update on expected Judicial Order today concerning medical seats for CENTAC cleared students vis vis Deemed Commercial Colleges.

Today's Judicial Order from the Honorable CJ's Court of Madras High Court ar 10.30 AM is likely to be historical not only for Puducherry but beyond.

Meritorious Students who have been denied admissions by Highly Commercial Deemed Medical Colleges demanding exhorbitant fees beyond reasonableness may be in for a jolt.

(Grapevine has it that they may go to Honourable SC for a Stay soon after the order is pronounced).
Our expectation for receiving justice is based on the kind of queries made by Honorable Judges during the hearings past two days.

Relief to students ( if it comes)
will give Precedence to Merit and Moral Authority over Commercial Muscle.
RajNivas was a respondent through its Mr Neethi Dhas, Secretary to Lt Governor, with its own Advocate as the views of RajNivas were at variance with that of Political Secretariat. ( which I believe partially changed the next day by a written affidavit to the Court).

We Pray for welfare of our students who are  the future healers of our country.

Team RajNivas went all out to secure justice for deserving students as much as they needed. We responded as a final institution of relief as its very purpose of existence.

Kiran Bedi: In RajNivas we daily work to give our maximum. Because we believe this the very reason for this Institution to be here. Kiran Bedi.