Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Look out for High Court order today concerning Centac students. David vs Goliath in Money Power- Not Moral Power

Tough Justice.--

CENTAC Students may get it today.

Keep track of orders expected by before 3 PM in Madras High Court. CJ Court I believe.
The PIL was pleaded, Pro Bono by Mr VBR Menon.  One who ONLY takes up issues he strongly feels about.

He believes that the deserving medical students have been given a raw deal by the commercialised Deemed Medical Colleges over the years.

And that the Governments of the day have not done enough to address this matter comprehensively.
Implementation of SC judgments too have been in violation in many cases.

Hence he approached the Honourable High Court for rationalisation.
Affidavit filed by Secretary to Lt Governor, a respondent in the petition fully supported Mr Menon and the Aggrieved parents.

The GOP is believed to be present, but not known what he said.
It is believed that he  has not yet submitted anything in writing. Made only oral arguments.
Yesterday the Parents Lawyer along with MCI Lawyer, Mr VP Raman, and SU Sirinivasan (representing Secretary to LG) faced a battery of highly paid, lawyers from the Deemed Universities.)
It was a Case of David vs Goliaths..!

--a 'Dharma Yudh'...
Time will tell which side is Justice?

Kiran Bedi.