Wednesday, June 28, 2017

No injustice can happen without the negligence or connivance of senior bureaucrats. They must stick to their duty for what they are appointed.

Puducherry medical seats repeated (year to year) Fiasco is testimony of criminal acts now under investigation by the CBI and administrative negligence now under inquiry by the CVC.

None of this was/is possible without acts of omission and commission of senior officers posted in various linked departments or supervisory and coordinating positions.

All officers are in position of responsibility to uphold the law and serve the people while following the law in letter and spirit.

Breakdowns and violations happen only when the seniors in position of responsibility decide to concede out of fear of annoying seniors or for favour of any kind.

When it comes to the stage of inquires and investigations no recorded instructions are invariably found on the file as is the experience. It's all verbal.

It is the lower functionaries who are left to fend for themselves.
Moral of the story for public officials is to perform their duty as per the law.
And in the interest of people and not vested interests.
Remain non partisan.
Do justice, not injustice. Be available to people and listen to their grievances.
And defend their lawful right.
If public officials will not do, where do the people go?
Justice is expensive and also takes time. Meanwhile people unduly suffer.
We public servants are there to ensure administration runs on equity and justice.
None of the past scams of 2G, Coal Scam, CWG and others could have happened had the public officials not conceded their responsibility out of fear or for favours.

The Court Judgements are evidence of this. 
I believe developments in Puducherry are good for the future of Puducherry. It will secure its scarce resources for appropriate use.

Public activism and Panchayat elections too must happen.
This will keep into focus the way the UT is administered and hopefully keep it under close watch of all agencies concerned.

Including the media.