Sunday, July 02, 2017

Systemising prison reforms in Puducherry to check recycling of crime.--The 3 Cs Model.

Along with Swachh Rallies, Yoga learning from RajNivas, opening up of RajNivas to People of Puducherry and putting in place strong vigilance systems and more, Team RajNivas has included focus on residents behind bars. Which is the Puducherry prison.

Object is to ensure prison works as a reformatory not a place of recycling of crime and contamination.

Once an inmate is inside prison he will get educated, skilled and learn
Once released he then shall be a valuable member of the society.

As a strong crime prevention and rehabilitation measure the released prisoner will be linked with the police beat officer of who will ensure close watch so that the released prisoner does not slip into alcoholism or bad company.

This will ensure methodical community policing in the real sense.
The Prison reform model will be a 3 Cs based. It shall be Collective, Corrective and Community based.

Educated and skilled prisoners inside along with missionary NGOs will be teamed up with.
Donations of Old Schools books shall be sought from schools to provide books to all inmates according to their need. ( no cost to the Govt in any way).
Yoga and hobbies too shall be NGO and CSR supported.
Puducherry Prison will be taken towards systematic and sustainable prison reforms.