Monday, June 05, 2017

Change is the law. Growth is optional. Choose wisely

'Change is the law. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.'
I made mine when I accepted to be here.
Am here for a higher purpose. Not a job or a position. But to do good and serve the UT. Ensure clean, secure and a just Puducherry for all. (Not few)
Due to which RajNivas and its Team, remains accessible to anyone in need. All 7 days of the week through all methods. Personal or electronic.
This is what RajNivas is for.
Not a day has been lost. Not even a weekend. Including early mornings of all weekends.
For Team RajNivas it's a sacred duty to serve and spread joy and a sense of belonging across all sections of society. It shall remain so.
Assuring people of Puducherry that
Team RajNivas will continue to Bike for a 'Swachh Puducherry' and more...
Kiran Bedi.