Sunday, June 04, 2017

Who tells Honorable CM what the laid down responsibilities of a Lt Gov of a UT are? It also depends on what he wants...

So what does the Honorable CM want?

A Rubber Stamp or a Responsible Administrator?

Is the real Question.
The CM according to this news desires an endorser.
One who may let wrongs happen even when people are suffering injustice. Wants an LG who clears files without seeking clarity.
One who appoints people as per whims and fancies of vested interest. 
One who releases moneys even if it's not budgeted for.
Hence borrow and spend.
One who promotes officers even when there are either no posts or poor  performance. Or no reason.
One who punishes officers for courage of conviction.
One who wants no news to be rebutted.
One who should do nothing and see nothing, say nothing.
Just be an onlooker. And pass time, enjoy the benefits of Expensive establishment called RajNivas.
Stay isolated. Do not meet people. Do not question officers. Do not interfere.
Just do as he tells, even in writing.
 (I have received several such letters from him).
Most of all the CM wants me to get lots of money from Government of India, even when they can't spend well what they have. Even when revenue generating tourism is loss making.
This is called Wishful Thinking. Instead of introspection.
In reality he can feel empowered and enthused that there is someone here to help him clean up the mess in his Puducherry.
It's mine only now by adoption. It is his by birth. 
He can instead feel good that he has someone willing to raise the social consciousness of the region, one which will support him for good administration which deploys and helps enhance the energy of all responsible.
It's a question of what a CM wants.
This is the real issue.
What a CM wants and what an LG wants?
Both have their responsibilities laid down in the UT Act and in the Business Rules. It's how he reads or misreads.
Or ignores reading.
Or does not want to face the realities of the situations today.
People are crying for justice. Students and parents are crying for admissions as per the orders of Govt of India and the higher judiciary.
People are suffering and crying. Who will hear them. Only the Courts away in Madras? It's called the Madras High Court.
Raj Nivas is becoming their last hope. As per daily open house.
Puducherry needs justice, integrity and good governance.
How will they get it? Who will give them. Who will speak up for them?
Not an onlooker but someone whose heart beats for them. Someone who serves with sense selflessness. One who places people before positions.

Kiran Bedi.