Wednesday, June 07, 2017

We are causing this by collective failure.

This is what happens in lives of most of us. Speaking about public officials endowed with responsibility and powers to serve people, we merely go through life.

We keep getting and seeking positions and keep going through them without growing in them by serving with courage and conviction When we merely go through positions of responsibility, we cause enormous suffering to thousands+dependent on us.

Like the CENTAC matter right before us there days.
Unless we experience this pain personally we will continue to cause and spread suffering.
We will be living through life without growing in it.
Our public service careers either empower or disempower people.

Regret to say so.
The CENTAC case is one ripe example.
And we are all collectively responsible for the pain and suffering our children and parents are going through. There is no cause for any celebration whatsoever. It's time for course correction.

Kiran Bedi.