Sunday, May 21, 2017

Every position is a responsibility to the degree one wants to..!

Why Biking as a Lt Governor?

Because it makes such  a position give a message of accessibility and accountability.

One of simplicity and integration.
Also one of proximity and communication.
What if more senior positions do this wherever it is possible.
In rural areas with roads or small towns in early hours of the morning when traffic may be low.
We as TeamRajnivas choose 6AM every weekend. (we are now on 80 th morning round coming Sat)
Much before the traffic picks up and return by 8.30 AM.
It sends a message to all that cities have to be clean and obstruction free for people to walk and drive. It also helps greet people as one pedals..
The common man becomes a part of the governance.
He feels he is related and can reach out.
What if all Municipal Commissioner bike early hours of weekend/s or choose the days they wish and drive past heaps of garbage.
Will it remain or vanish.
It will vanish.

Instead of going for a morning walk to a gym or a Public Park or a beach at least once a week bike around the town and see the change.
It will make grass root staff work and deliver and display their good work. People too will cooperate.
Once appreciated a positive change will come about. It will bring in shared responsibility.
This happens only when persons in top positions are committed by act not word..