Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Collector who STEPS OUT-- If he can why not others?

Imagine if all Collectors do?
If all Municipal commissioners do?
If Secretaries of land and development, agriculture, public works department, medical services, education, social welfare, transport, law and order, rural and urban development, environment and others do?
Why must they not be in the field to see implementation?
Why can they not be proactive?
And preventive? Rather than be reactive?
Why must they wait for people to complain? Why can't they sense people's needs for which they are and be self driven?
This is what we from RajNivas have been repeatedly advising.
Some have done, many have not.
By their not stepping  out we are losing time in the speed of change.
People are suffering needlessly.
Also corruption complaints will reduce by being at the spot.
Seniors will get to know their officers better. They too will have to show performance.
Seeing is believing. Field speaks.
There are today several funded schemes from govt of india for the people of india.
To ensure their full use unless officers step out these will remain mostly on paper.
Or remain under utilised.
Funds will get surrendered.
Money is precious.
It must be optimally utilised.
Once public officers realise the higher purpose of their privileges, they will step out.
This is exactly where RajNivas Team has done for almost the whole of last 12 months.
It has Stepped Out.
We are seeing, reviewing, correcting, guiding,  mentoring, training, collaborating, providing, and directing. Most of all listening and learning.
Because this is the higher purpose of being in high positions.
To serve and transform.
For that the more they step out the more they will achieve.
Like this Collector. He is proving it.
If one can do, so can all. others.