Tuesday, January 02, 2018

New Skill will growth in digital eco...

Which is why constant training is important to match people's needs.
And govt officials to be ahead of the curve.

Ask each employee to declare what is that one thing they will do better.
And what is that one thing they will upskill or learn anew. ( Self Help)
This way we will add 30 Thousand new skills and 30 Thousand improved responses.
This does not exclude Departmental training programs which u must organise alongside.
Let us do it this year. And make it a annual habit.

All departments. All units big or small.
Let the Secretaries and HODs lead this.
I propose to visit your respective departments during the month of Jan. As already shared in the annual wrap up meeting.

I shall ask this question from all I will meet.
Let the annual evaluation be based on the fulfilment of that commitment as well.
Kindly read and communicate this message to all ranks..Every one matters.
I repeat I WILL check if employees were informed of this suggestion.
Will do a feedback how many knew.

Which means as leaders you will meet and convey...
Will declare Dept wise after the visits, the quality and extent to which this message was communicated by you all. How many really understood the purpose and how did think  this through.