Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How RajNivas became a People Nivas in 2017..

Looking Back.
How did RajNivas become a People Nivas in the year 2017? A Sum Up...

Raj Nivas opened its closed 'silver iron gates' and engaged with all sections of society through out the year with young or old, rural or urban, local or outside, Indian or foreign, rich or marginalised, through various initiatives. Such as..
Once a month, on Saturday evenings, the sprawling front lawns of Raj Nivas were converted into an open-air theater where children, parents and teachers assembled to watch films. 
As part of this _*Raj Nivas Film Series,*_ 3439 Through 9 Films Screened based on by values of leadership, management, patriotism, character. 
 From Films to Raj Nivas *Lecture Series. Team RajNivas engaged with 1745 citizens on Thought Leadership through a series of interactive sessions by 9 eminent speakers from various fields. This series was launched with the K.R. Malkani Memorial Lecture.
The _*Visitors’ Hour*_ provided an opportunity for a guided tour through Raj Nivas and a meeting with Hon'ble Lt. Governor. Technology enabled an online registration on the website and 112 groups of 2012 visitors visited this heritage building. Pictures of visiting groups are posted on the RajNivas website. 
8450 persons over 26  *Celebrations* participated in Inter-Faith prayers, Iftar, Diwali, Christmas,etc. with the same spirit of harmony. 
The organic vegetable patch, *Vegetarian cuisine policy and Yoga Mornings_* on 21 Sundays at Raj Nivas spread a message of healthy practices.
The Durbar, Banquet, Lawn spaces of Raj Nivas hitherto formal Meeting–dining areas, are now  *Optimally Utilised* as  platforms for intellectual interactions with citizens across a spectrum- Public Officials, NGOs, Youth and Seniors. Trainings included sessions on Domestic Violence, Digital Transactions, etc.
To foster an exchange of information and ideas among individuals and groups that share common interest, Raj Nivas organised 23  *Networking* Sessions with 3952 citizens such as like minded philanthropists, business forums, etc.
 *Multi tasking of Resources* is now a regular feature in the Raj Nivas. Interns benefitted by this experiential learning platform as well as added strength to the various inititiatives of Team Raj Nivas. 
There is an emphasis on training and raising the capacities of human resources.
 *Transfer of every gift received collectively or individually by Team RajNivas be it / flowers/shawls/ Sweets/ books/ artefacts/ and more,received stand transferred to NGOs and Visitors. 
The *Raj Nivas Outreach* programme aimed  to collaborate resources towards Swachh initiatives, revitalization of water bodies as well as rural schools. Hundreds of NCC, NSS and others volunteers swarmed in for morning bike rallies. 
The *Inmate Reformation Programme at Central Prison, Kalapet focused on crime prevention through their reintegration by providing skills training through NGOs coopted through above visitations. 
Raj Nivas *supported*  Thimmanaicken Palayam in the Manaveli assembly constituency in Puducherry with a vision to empower the villagers to become self reliant. Since December 2016, 232 generated CSR activities have been carried out successfully.
On *The Way Ahead* is a synergy of  resources to support Rural Schools, Foster Youth Leadership and Revitalise Water Bodies .
Raj Nivas to Peoples' a journey  that has created Assured Accessibility, Experiences and Impact within parameters of security and financial prudence. 
Objective being that every citizen must feel a right to Its own..People Nivas/ for Justice as well as Celebrations-All ages all sections of society. 
Jai Hind.