Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Raj Niwas - People Nivas for responding/ensuring Justice/ for all 24x7..

 Here are the ways by which Team Raj Nivas supported by officers in Puducherry is a PeopleNivas for responding/ensuring Justice/ for all 24x7........

Open House in Raj Nivas/People Nivas means Team Raj Nivas attends to Visitors+Petitioners by appt\otherwise,4-7Pm&provides need based intervention......

The Open House connects the common person with all departments of government without any obstruction.
It gives him/her a right to be heard. And ask for action even in matters repeated. This is right to information directly excercised.

It empowers the poorest to know his right at the same time across the table.
It also enables the LG office to help petitioner Connect with the right official as he sometimes does not know who to approach.
Most of all the Open House sends a clear message that if there is no one listening to you, and you have a justified case, there is a last resort, or an office of fair hearing and quick response, called PeopleNivas...
One of the biggest benefits to Administration of this Open House is evidence of corruption in various areas, be it Medical seats, high mast lights, public works, places of entertainment, service matters etc.
This has enabled bring about a watch on corruption.
The ball is in the court of people now to use PeopleNivas to the maximum to reduce corruption and promote probity in services.