Thursday, September 21, 2017

Medical seats scam in Puducherry is a case of criminal culpability & administrative failure at political and administrative levels

There is no outsider please.
Please accept the criminality which has happened.
CBI would not register an FIR of this scale without credible evidence.
It is time for the CM and the Minister for Health in particular,
to take responsibility for this colossal failure and embarrassment to Puducherry.
I have no doubt that the CBI will investigate whose instructions officers were carrying out. Unless the officers want to protect others.
Alongside is the role of the CS for failing to ensure due coordination between the departments for effective corrective action.
Such as Education and Health and more.
It's a case of failure of political and administrative leadership at all levels.
Had the parents association and the students not repeatedly complained and informed the MCI, and the Lt Governor's office not intervened, had the Government of the day paid heed to the Report of the Justice Chitra Venkatraman's report listing out all that went wrong, had the MCI not taken strong action, and had the PIL not fructified and Honorable Madras High Court not passed clear order, and had the SC not declined to stay the pleas of private colleges, injustice would have prevailed.
It's not any outsider who has caused this failure.
It is all from inside leadership.
It's is the primary failure of the CM, the Minister/s and the CS.
Even Officers of the rank of Secretaries/ Director will not easily indulge in such mass scale criminality, getting widely reported in media.
The blunder they committed was that they carried out wrong verbal orders, perhaps nowhere placing them on record.
Which is why they are now responsible and the Prime accused in the FIR filed by the CBI.
They shall all have to defend themselves before the court of law for years to come at their own expense.
Their careers will be severely affected.
Hence they need to tell the truth as to whether they were committing these irregularities on their own or were being directed to and by whom?
If they do not tell the truth now they will  suffer for the rest of their lives.
Speaking the truth is their only chance to explain.