Thursday, June 28, 2018

start working as a CREW in Puducherry....

When each department will start working as a CREW in Puducherry, the UT will be have enuf for all.
It shall be healthy, skilled, secure, water rich, financially sound, no more dependent on loans, pay all retirees their pension on time, pay provident funds on demand, clear past bills, banks capable of giving loans to the real needy, citizens pay their bills voluntarily while the CREW makes it easy for them to, have approved UPSC recruitment and promotion rules and not function on ad hoc basis.
No rowdies to land grab absentee French citizens properties, or of the weak, girls will complete their education and be skilled and earning, rural road sides free of strewn garbage and more.
Each department is a CREW.
Once we understand then alone will Puducherry be Prosperous for all not for a few in positions of privilege.
To be a CREW we do not need money or a project or centrally sponsored scheme from Govt of India or of a budgetary provision, we need to only work together and give our full attention to our responsibilities to serve...