Friday, June 01, 2018

Inaugurated an empowering event.

Inaugurated an empowering event. Where Girls were being trained to be courageous & bold by the Puducherry Social Welfare Dept.
Survey conducted by an NGO revealed how girls feel restricted in their mobility because of incidents of being followed. Thereby lose out on economic and knowledge growth.
Also due to insecurities of parents are forced into early marriage. And also educate less due to dowry demands from the higher educated. 
Courses shall be held for boys, parents & teachers+others.
Trained girls will also be bold enough to report the Romeos.
And report to the police on 1031 in confidence.
All agencies will work together dealing with Child, Women, welfare, teachers sensitisation, university psychology dept, social work etc. FCC, women police etc.
Sec Welfare shall coordinate the training needs. And conduct regular surveys to understand ground realities.
Boys groups will be separately organised for them to listen to what girls have to say.
Boys groups as defenders too shall be formed, for them to understand the role they can play in improving the security scenario in Puducherry...
These training programs are being funded by GOI under Nirbhay’s fund.