Monday, May 29, 2017

This was the 80th 6AM weekend round by Team Rajnivas.

This was the 80th 6AM weekend round by TeamRajnivas.

We went to a Market area in response to a representation received from the Industries association, regarding increasing incidents of extortion, road safety, public nuisance, and deficient civic amenities.

A mechanism for resolution of such complaints was put in place to respond.

A Whatsapp group of all key officials, including the Commune Commisioner, The SHO, Beat officer, PWD, AE/JE,Road Safety engineers, besides others, and active members of the Association and Residents of the Village, was formed to collaborate to resolve.

The Port visit led to identifying important points to be included in planning, well before port becomes operational.

This will prevent problems to surface later.
A detailed observation note is being sent to the concerned for examination and required time bound action.