Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hard-earned name


Toddler said...
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Toddler said...

Totally agreed. Name is our identity and no one wants to lose their identity then why women. I too have been wondering about this strange practice and have been told that women may have some complications post-marriage if they continue with their maiden name, is that true? For example, if I dont change my name on passport after marriage, what will be the repercussions?


Kathrine said...

I really admire your work!
Looking forward to seeing you in the press-panel in Bangalore :-)

All the best
Kathrine Aspaas

Serendipity said...

I would like to write infinite words to express how much I admire you but I fail to accept that words can do enough justice to your contributions and achievements.

I have a very small question, I am based in bhopal (m.p) I want to devote time apart from my full time work to community service. All big organizations refuse to assign work even I am willing to contribute and possess a desire for the same. Could you please suggest something?


R. K. PANDEY said...

Respected Kiran Didi,

please accept pranaam from me and my family.

Your social development for weak people of socieity is really admirable and makes our regards more and more to you. The emotional values are enriched in your heart, your knowledge values are deep in your brain and your motivational values are so strong in your inner and outer personality.
Some people use to do social work for became known to people through media for smile on their own face but you have done social work for see the smile on others face and i know its provide u lot more satisfaction and achievement in your life. Its called the real success because you values emotionalism more than materialism and such type of motherly feelings and personality makes the people more than almighty God because The God born us on this earth through womb of mother but mother takes care of his child forever which The God doesn't do.

Salute to your efforts and we pray to God to give make u more and more strong that others could get more and more benefits from you.

Sadar Pranaam.

R. K. PANDEY & Family

Kiran Bedi said...

thanku all for responding appreciate your participation...with best wishes kiran

cecilia said...

Yes mam. I too agree with you. Why should a woman leave behind her maiden name and adopt her husband's name soon after marriage? This is totally unfair. People should first know us as ourselves and what we stand for before going on to find out who our husbands are.

Niti said...

with all due respect, its not just a maiden name that a woman gives up once married. the social stigma in india is such that any career minded woman is looked down upon - as it gives a bad name to the family - a working 'bahu'.

having an ego is a bad thing, and any attitude or identity that we have is said to be hampering the so called relationship. why just us? and i am not even talking about any particular section of society..

so what name are we talking about. thats just a tip if the iceberg. we give up our lives, or calibre, our education when married. and if we fight for our rights, we give up our families. difficult choice. how is female foeticide different from what wr are doing right now? instead of killing a baby we bring them up and throw them in a marriage, n then kill them, thier dreams. we havent moved much furthur since the old times. its better off killing the baby. only life goes, dreams dont.

i regret being born a girl in a country like India. we are eons back. either we be strong and stand against everyone or we keep killing ourselves. either way, we're not 'happy'.

Kiran Bedi said...

Thanku for your posting

दिनेशराय द्विवेदी Dineshrai Dwivedi said...

Mam' Hindi bloggers want you between them.

लोकेश Lokesh said...

ब्लॉगजगत में पुन: स्वागत है आपका।
किरण जी, आपके नियमित लेखन से हम सभी को आपके विचारों को एक स्थान पर देख पाना सुखद होगा। खासकर यदि हिंदी में लिखें तो।

सुजाता said...

हिन्दी ब्लॉगिंग का एक बड़ा संसार आपके इस ब्लॉग के गुलज़ार होने का इंतज़ार कर रहा था - यह देखिए -

अविनाश वाचस्पति said...

आपके आने


ब्‍लॉग जगत


सच्‍चाईयों से


विसंगतियों को


की मुहिम

के लिए


स्‍वागत है।

हिन्‍दी में लिखें

छापें, हम पढ़ें

हिन्‍दी में सहज

लगता है

हर आम जन

पढ़ता है

sikandar0000 said...

aadarniya bedi ji...

saadar charan pranaam...

mera naam punkaj hai aur main ludhiuana ka rehne wala hu...

the best things i like in ur that u have made your parents feel prouud and u have sensitive heart towards problems of others......

i just dont understand how canw e say we are living in 21 st century when many of our brothers sisters dont have even light water food and homes which are the basic necessities of life ...

we are exploring other planets when on our own planet the life is like hell where farmers die of poverty ..wher girls are still killed and there are people in remote places who havent known what electricity is....and so many other examples......

kiran ji iam like ur son and would love to start something for my fellow beings ...really i want to make my family proud if u have any work mere layak koi sewa to please pakka bataiyega.....may eb i have to work day n nighst i can.....and ya

iam punkaj from ludhiana from simple family mom and dad are retired and i run cloth shwroom i have wife kid and my kid is 3 years old.....

apne liye sare jeete hain kiran ji main apne maabaap aur family ke liye jee raha hu...mera sirf yahi sapna hai inhein proud feel karwana.....

i would like u to meet my 3 years old son armaan as i want him to see you the great woman of my country......and learn some good things from u.....

thanx for being so wonderful...


great thought - you know which is best part of mans life when ur family understands u as friend and ur friend takes u as his family......


सुजाता said...

if you really want to show your respect to KIRAN JI then you must start respecting freedom of your wife ,your sister,your female friends..every woman around you from now..
tell your son that his mother ,your wife is a great woman and you can learn good things from her.Teach him to respect females.
I think This is the best way to show your respect and admiration for woman power.

Nirmla Kapila said...

kiran ji main to 58 saal ki hoon abhi 2-3 mah pehle blog shuru kya hai apke blog ko dekh kar bahut khushi hui aap to ham sab ke liye prerna strot hain apki kachehari jaroor dekhti hoon agar aap jesi soojhvan aur imaandaar mahilaayen rajneeti me aa jaayen to lagta hai desh ka kuchh bhavishya sanvar jaayega bhagvaan apko lambi ayoo de

Ravi said...

Hi Mam,

Making voting day a non-holiday with permission to report late at work might not really increase the turn out.

People might not vote at all if they have to go to office.

I think it is more about educating people and making them aware about their right to vote.

Deepak Sharma said...

जब भी कोई बात डंके पे कही जाती है
न जाने क्यों ज़माने को अख़र जाती है ।

झूठ कहते हैं तो मुज़रिम करार देते हैं
सच कहते हैं तो बगा़वत कि बू आती है ।

फर्क कुछ भी नहीं अमीरी और ग़रीबी में
अमीरी रोती है ग़रीबी मुस्कुराती है ।

अम्मा ! मुझे चाँद नही बस एक रोटी चाहिऐ
बिटिया ग़रीब की रह – रहकर बुदबुदाती है

‘दीपक’ सो गई फुटपाथ पर थककर मेहनत
इधर नींद कि खा़तिर हवेली छ्टपटाती है ।
@Kavi Deepak Sharma

Deepak said...

Nice view maa`m.
m happy to see u again.. hope you would continue.. :)


Deepak Sharma said...

आप सभी को गणतंत्र भारत के स्वाधीनता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें !

आइये हम सब पुनः प्रण करें कि हम अपने देश को एक नई दिशा देंगे और विश्व में भारत का नाम गौरवान्वित करेंगे ........
जिस रोज़ हर पेट को रोटी मिल जायेगी
जिस रोज़ हर चेहरा हँसता नज़र आयेगा
जिस रोज़ नंगे बदन कपड़ों से ढके होंगे
जिस रोज़ खुशियों में वतन डूब जायेगा
उस रोज़ मेरे नग्मों का अंदाज़ देखना
मेरी आवाज़ में एक नई आवाज़ देखना .
जिस रोज़ किसानो के भरे खलियान होंगे
और रोज़गारशुदा वतन के नौजवान होंगे
जिस रोज़ पसीने की सही कीमत मिलेगी
इन महलों से बड़े जिस रोज़ इन्सान होंगे
उस रोज़ मेरे नग्मों का अंदाज़ देखना
मेरी आवाज़ में एक नई आवाज़ देखना .

जिस रोज़ राह में कोई अबला न लुटेगी
जिस रोज़ दौलत से कोई जान न मिटेगी
जिस रोज़ यहाँ जिस्म के बाज़ार न लगेंगे
जिस रोज़ डोली दर से कोई सूनी न उठेगी
उस रोज़ मेरे नग्मों का अंदाज़ देखना
मेरी आवाज़ में एक नई आवाज़ देखना .

ये हाथ पसारे मासूम बचपन हजारों
जिस रोज़ मुझे राह में घूमते न दिखेंगे
जिस रोज़ ज़र्द, पिचके वीरान चेहरों पे
भूख के नाचते - गाते बादल न दिखेंगे
उस रोज़ मेरे नग्मों का अंदाज़ देखना
मेरी आवाज़ में एक नई आवाज़ देखना .
@Kavi Deepak Sharma

Mecki said...

i realy admie you madam , u are my idol i wish to meet you someday and talk with you .Allah app koh aur tariki deh and app aur women ke liyeh kare i just wish you all the best for your work im proud to be an women :)

bhumika said...

Mam u r most admirable & able to influence to all india without holding any caste & religion bar.u r the steel lady who always made strong & wise decision.i read ur interview when u asked why u choose IPS being a lady? ur answer- 'coz i want to b outstanding.'that was really chellanging job @ that time bt its again a need to b outstanding Kiran Bedi as Prime Minister of India. i m 27 year old now bt never casted vote coz these politicians r imposed to us.We dont want the potential people like u to reform the society.The day when u wil join politics i wil start using my right of voting.I kno its not a easy road for a honest person like v all youth believe that u wil made it posiible. u wil face a lot of hurdle in ur way bt believe us v wil always there to supposrt u.

Himalayi Dharohar said...

सार्थक लेखन हेतु बधाई ......

upasna said...

namaste..guruji..yes,I am and will always adress Kiran Ji by this name here on..why is not important..What i want to talk to you is about the Food Industry..I saw this documentary few days back..and could think of none ..but YOU as the only soul who can foresee and evaluate what is happening..Please help me suggest how to's the link for the documentary download this and make sure you take out an hour from your schedule ..this is very important..we have to stop this before it gets massive in India..
Regards and lots of Love
Upasna Bhandari